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Top Orthodontic Technology in Gilbert, AZ

At Oasis Family Dentistry and Orthodontics, our skilled team is dedicated to providing only the best smile outcomes. Part of this dedication is our investment in top orthodontic tools and technologies like the iTero® digital scanner, allowing us to provide only the best, most efficient orthodontic treatments near Gilbert, AZ, and beyond!

The iTero scanner allows our in-house orthodontist, Dr. Vohra, to take impressions of your teeth without the use of uncomfortable, sticky materials. Because it's non-invasive and radiation-free, patients often prefer the efficiency of the iTero scanner to traditional impressions. At every Invisalign® consultation, Dr. Vohra will digitally scan the teeth into 3D models, providing an accurate foundation for your personalized treatment plan!

Why Digital Impressions?

Dental impressions were traditionally taken with trays filled with sticky, putty-like materials. Not only do most patients find this process uncomfortable and invasive, but this method is also generally less accurate and requires the need for multiple rounds of impressions.

The iTero scanner, known for its enhanced accuracy and efficiency, eliminates the need for uncomfortable traditional impressions. The ultra-light, radiation-free scanner can quickly scan the structures of your mouth to provide a clear, accurate 3D image of your smile, almost instantly!

How Does It Work?

The iTero scanner is a handheld wand designed to provide non-invasive imaging. The quick scanning process is fully controlled by the dental assistant, who will carefully stop and start the scan throughout your visit to ensure necessary images are obtained.

Using advanced optical technology, the radiation-free iTero scanner will provide a digital 3D impression of your teeth and surrounding tissues in as little as two minutes. You’ll be able to view the images on the computer alongside Dr. Vohra.

Because the scanner also provides digital smile simulations, the iTero can help you take an active role in your orthodontic treatment plan and smile outcome! You'll be able to preview your straight post-treatment smile even before you begin treatment with Invisalign!

Experience the Difference of Advanced Orthodontics

Ready to say goodbye to uncomfortable, invasive orthodontic appointments? At Oasis Family Dentistry and Orthodontics, you can experience the difference with our trusted iTero scanner. Call us to schedule your consultation today!

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