InBrace® - Hidden Braces

Designed for you. Made for real life. InBrace® is a personalized, behind-the-teeth, teeth straightener powered by advanced technologies and completely hidden from view!

Oasis Family Dentistry and Orthodontics in Gilbert, AZ is proud to offer InBrace®, known as a “set-it and forget-it” teeth-straightening system that allows patients to continue smiling with ease, living life as normal without anyone being able to tell they’re in treatment.


Invisible to everyone else. Start seeing results in just weeks!

Continue snacking and sipping coffee with no aligners to take in and out.

More convenient with fewer trips to the office.

InBrace Smartwire® Technology

The InBrace system works through a Smartwire® programmed with Gentleforce® technology. This technology is crafted from advanced shape memory alloy, and is designed to gently move your teeth into place.

With InBrace orthodontics, you won’t have to worry about visiting our office to change aligner trays or tighten your traditional metal wires. InBrace uses customized technology made just for you!

Even better? You can continue eating, drinking, brushing, and flossing normally throughout the progression of your treatment.

The InBrace Process

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1. Your teeth straightening treatment with InBrace will begin with a consultation with our team at Oasis Family Dentistry and Orthodontics.

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2. Your InBrace Toothprint™ will be scanned by your ortho team, who will create a 3D image of the inside of your mouth.

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3. Your Toothprint is used to personalize your Smartwire specifically to achieve the results you desire.

When you visit our Gilbert dental office for your consultation, our team will fit you with your personalized Smartwire®. You’ll leave your fitting with an orthodontic treatment completely hidden from view (even up close)! You can continue to show the world your smile as your treatment progresses into your final, aligned smile results.

Oasis Patient Testimonials

Why is InBrace® Different?

InBrace takes discreet orthodontics to a new level with convenient, invisible Smartwire® technology that straightens your smile from the inside out.

Your custom-made Smartwire® will be placed behind your teeth, applying gentle pressure to shift your teeth into alignment throughout the course of your treatment. No one will know it’s there!

InBrace® allows you to continue brushing, flossing, and eating normally, so you can live comfortably while you straighten your smile. You’ll see noticeable results in just a few weeks!

Is InBrace® Right For Me?

InBrace® is suitable for treating all types of malocclusions and smile misalignment, from simple to complex cases. This new, ultra-discreet system allows our dentists to straighten your teeth without uncomfortable wires or multiple aligners.

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