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Advanced gum disease and tooth decay can result in many dental health complications, including the loss of several teeth. This can significantly decrease your ability to chew or speak properly, and may weaken any remaining natural teeth in your mouth. The loss all or most of your teeth may necessitate the use of removable dentures to fill tooth gaps and enhance dental function.

Receiving custom-made dentures not only restores the full function of your smile, but also improves your quality of life and your smile’s appearance. Any remaining weakened teeth may need to be extracted before we send an impression of the overall gum structure to the dental lab so that you can receive professional crafted permanent dentures.

The custom fit of dentures provided by [pracice_name] enable them to snugly conform to your unique smile shape. You may find that pairing denture adhesive with your new dentures further improves their hold and seals out any food particles from the space between your denture base and gums.

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