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With all the advancements in technology, dentistry has grown by leaps and bounds. In modern dentistry, tooth-like procedures including dental crowns can be given to improve your smile without drastically changing the look of your smile. Dental crowns can even be crafted to look and mimic the natural color of your teeth.

A dental crown is a restoration procedure that applies a material such as porcelain to a tooth by capping the entire tooth on all sides down to the gum line. With the added support that a dental crown provides, your tooth will be protected from damage caused by tooth decay and dental erosion.

Dental crowns are also highly effective at covering up previous dental procedures. If you have had a root canal, dental implant, or a dental bridge, a dental crown treatment can be used to help further protect the restorations. A single dental crown is extremely durable and can potentially last anywhere from two decades up to a lifetime of use. If a dental crown should fail or be knocked out due to blunt trauma, simply cover the tooth with a cotton swab down in clove oral and visit your dentist for a replacement. In many cases, same day dental crowns can be created.

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