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Building a better smile has never been easier. Dentists have come up with a plethora of treatments and techniques to help increase your smile’s health to the highest levels possible. If you ever suffer an oral accident or injury, we can also provide restorations that can give you the smile makeover you’ve always dreamed of. However, it is important that you take care of your teeth by implementing effective oral health care treatments. Not only do you need to make sure you’re cleaning your mouth correctly, but you should also exercise caution with certain foods and lifestyle choices.

To know if you are eating foods that can damage your smile, the general rule of thumb is that if it’s bad for your waistline, it’s also bad for your gum line. This is especially true with sugars. Sugars can be easily converted into harmful acids in your mouth that can contribute to dental erosion. In addition, starchy foods can also be converted into harmful acids, so you should also limit the amount of starches you eat. To counteract the effects of harmful foods, try to implement foods into your diet that contain enamel-building minerals, such as calcium and phosphorus.

If you have not done so already, eliminating unhealthy habits in your life can benefit your oral health. Some of these unhealthy habits include smoking and chewing tobacco, both of which can destroy your smile very quickly. Similarly, drugs have also been known to damage your smile. All of these bad habits and others can lead to numerous oral health ailments, including tooth loss and cancer. For additional help with the oral health care, visit our dentist for frequent check-ups, professional cleanings and comprehensive examinations.

Seeking a better smile and better oral health is possible with optimal oral health care habits. To talk with Dr. Manieka L. Green about more oral health care tips, we invite you to contact our dental office in Gilbert, Arizona, by calling 480-926-4498. Let our team at Oasis Family Dentistry help you find your healthy smile.