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Your gum tissues play a critical role in your mouth. Not only do they help to anchor your teeth in your mouth, but they also tend to appear in your smile and contribute to basic oral function. There are several different things that can cause a periodontal infection. The specific nature, severity, and your level of discomfort will contribute toward the treatment plan Dr. Manieka L. Green recommends.

Dental cysts are typically slow to develop. They can be caused by an emerging wisdom tooth or another form of dental distress. Some dental cysts are sterile and might clear up with time and prescription antibiotics.

If the dental cyst is infected or you are experiencing significant discomfort, Dr. Manieka L. Green might recommend having it surgically excised. This simple outpatient treatment will extract the offending tissues and suture the gums.  

A dental abscess is often more serious than a dental cyst and is often the result of a severely untreated cavity. As it forms you might experience a toothache, or pain and pressure in the underlying gums. Dr. Manieka L. Green might be able to treat a minor abscess with a course of prescription antibiotics.

If an abscess is large or the infection could potentially pass to your blood stream Dr. Manieka L. Green might recommend a surgical extraction. This will excise the infected material to prevent further infection.

Periodontal infections can also be caused by untreated gum disease. As it progresses it could cause an infection to form near the roots of your teeth, which can lead to tooth loss and other oral health complications.

The severity of the infection will determine the course of treatment Dr. Manieka L. Green recommends. This could involve surgeries like a gingival flap, gingival resection, or a gum graft.

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